We need a more concerted effort to recruit, train, and retain teachers of color. Given the expected remote learning platform, the district should prepare to recruit, train, and retain more teachers of color to engage with students. This must be a long-term strategy that extends beyond the current Simmons College of Kentucky and JCPS Fellowship. Historically Black Colleges and Universities are the primary suppliers of Black public school educators. While being only 3% of the colleges and universities in America, HBCUs supplies our nation’s school systems with approximately 50% of all public school teachers and personnel and include:

  • Initiatives that introduce K-12 students to careers in education
  • Recruitment efforts at the undergraduate level that extend beyond Education- or teaching-specific majors and programs
  • Creative funding models to improve salary options and benefits for teachers
  • Expand beyond Kentucky borders

Who needs to act? Simmons College of Kentucky; Kentucky State University; Kentucky Department of Education; Dr. Marty Pollio; JCPS Board of Education; JCPS Administrators; University of Louisville; Bellarmine University; Spalding University; Jefferson Community and Technical College