As the district prepares to receive approximately $28 million in stimulus funds through the CARES Act and potentially $50 million in revenue from the tax rate increase, it is imperative that the community demands financial transparency from the district to ensure that these funds are allocated with equity prioritized. 

  • We expect to see funds utilized to increase equity initiatives that have been outlined by Diversity, Equity and Poverty and that are proven best practices from around the country.
  • With a new remote learning platform and/or minimized in-person instruction, we expect that funds will be reallocated for the upcoming school year. Specifically, funds that were designed to support School Resource Officers (SROs) should be reallocated to support equity initiatives— mainly mental health support and social-emotional learning opportunities for students. We are advocating against personnel being hired to respond to the behavioral expressions of trauma instead of addressing the mental and emotional elements which cause them. Preventive measures are necessary to attend to the anticipated complex trauma that students may be processing as a result of experiencing the viruses of racism and COVID-19 during these times. 

Who needs to act? You; Dr. Marty Pollio; JCPS Board of Education