Philip O. Molestina (R)
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Strong workforce development is about investments in training for jobs that exist today, forecasting training needs for the jobs of tomorrow, and continued investment in people to advance careers as technology and the economy continue to revolutionize what employment looks like in America. What specific roles will Metro government play under your leadership, both in directing public resources and in terms of engaging private sector companies in funding and supporting this work?

Candidate Response

At best, only 2.4% of businesses in Black are Black-owned, and these numbers have only gotten worse as a result of the pandemic. Initial seed money has been provided by Metro Government to support this kind of ecosystem building work, but more funding is needed if we are to sustain and scale these efforts in the long-term. Will you commit to investing $3-5 million per year in these Black-led business ecosystem efforts?

The vast majority of commercial and industrial property in the west end is not owned by residents or Black people, a factor contributing to the wealth gap in Louisville. What role do you believe Metro Government can and should play in the creation and implementation of such a support system?