US Conference of Mayors

After serious discussion by the group, this document also serves to register our deep concern with your ability to lead the conference of Mayors, and Louisville, while our city remains in crisis. While you have outlined an aggressive agenda for the USCM  that includes support for a Congressional committee to explore reparations and police reform, it is not lost on us that: 1) there is no substantive conversation to repair the wrongs of redlining and other policies perpetrated against Black people by the city of Louisville, and 2) this is the police department that your team built. Even when you saw and were made aware of felonious behavior, you propped up the Chief of Police. We believe that, in many respects, the culture of our police department has regressed under your leadership, and we have serious concerns about what police reform might look like under your leadership. (Response to Mayor’s Meeting, 7/24/20)