How we do policing, locally and nationally, must change. Improving police culture and behavior requires changes to the policies, practices, and budgets that govern them. We must end the regime of impunity.

  • We want an interim chief of police who is skilled in running and turning around a police department. This individual must possess best-in-class leadership skills and the ability to engage, inspire confidence, and retain officers across the city. We want that chief to have access to any and all resources needed to achieve success, including but not limited to, an independent and neutral analysis comparing best practices across the country. 
  • We do not support any search being led by the Southern Police Institute. It is time for fresh eyes and fresh ideas.
  • We expect the search and selection of the next police chief to be nationwide and transparent, with community stakeholders and residents.
  • We want the next police chief to be required to have a focus on building and improving community police relations. This is not a “police and community” issue, but an issue of police culture, policy, and practice that they must address. Community members can and should take part in establishing new norms, but not under the false perception that community is somehow part of the problem. Trust must first be established. 
  • We want a police chief who is competent and courageous enough to do the hard work of revising use of force policies, demilitarizing the department, and committing to more transparency with the FOP contract.

Who needs to act? You; Mayor Greg Fischer; Louisville Metro Police Department; River City Police Union; Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office; Louisville Metro Council