Eviction is a threat for all renters financially impacted by COVID-19 layoffs, lockdowns, or even short-term illness. Evictions should not be a permanent housing barrier for families attempting to move forward to stable housing and, longer-term, to build assets. Data shows that renters who live within our poorest neighborhoods continue to have the highest percentage of eviction rates as well as have the highest rent-to-income ratio at or above 50%. 

We are calling on landlords and housing organizations to work with the Louisville Urban League to offer second-chance housing to individuals with evictions. This program allows individuals with evictions to secure housing provided they engage in short-term housing counseling to craft feasible repayment schedules for financial recovery. We also demand an evaluation of the eviction process through a racial equity lens to include court processes and procedures dealing with evictions. 

Who needs to act? You; Landlords; Federal and State Legislators; Governor Andy Beshear; Mayor Greg Fischer; Louisville Metro Council; Housing Developers; Philanthropy; Resident Associations