Remove contract provisions, local policies, and provisions in state Law Enforcement Officers’ Bills of Rights laws that:

  • Allow officers to wait 48 hours or more before being interrogated after an incident
  • Prevent investigators from pursuing other cases of misconduct revealed during an investigation
  • Prevent an officer’s name or picture from being released to the public
  • Prohibit civilians from having the power to discipline, subpoena, or interrogate police officers
  • State that the police chief has the sole authority to discipline police officers
  • Enable officers to appeal a disciplinary decision to a hearing board of other police officers 
  • Enable officers to use the contract grievance process to have an outside arbitrator reverse disciplinary decisions and reinstate officers who have committed misconduct
  • Prevent an officer from being investigated for an incident that happened 100 or more days prior
  • Allow an officer to choose not to take a lie detector test without being punished, require the civilian who is accusing that officer of misconduct to pass a lie detector first, or prevent the officer’s test results from being considered as evidence of misconduct

Who needs to act? You; Governor Andy Beshear; Kentucky State Legislators; Mayor Greg Fischer; Louisville Metro Police Department; River City FOP; Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office; Louisville Metro Council