Racism as well as racial inequality is fundamentally a moral issue. Dr. William Augustus Jones once said, “the system reveals a sick sociology based on a faulty anthropology that emanates from a false theology”. Racism in all of its forms and manifestations is demonic. Historically, the white church in America developed a theology to justify the profitable institution of Slavery, segregation and Jim Crow. In too many instances, the white church and racist culture are united in an unholy wedlock. White clergymen have often, by and large, been puppets instead of prophets. The church has often been an instrument of the system, sanctifying its sins and inspiring its iniquitous deeds. 

We’re calling upon the white church, white faith institutions, and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to move from being non-racist to aggressively becoming antiracists. We are calling upon Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to engage in an active form of de-confederization of its campus. Biblical repentance means more than apologizing. It means restoring the victims of crime and injury. We are calling upon the white church and faith institutions to make Zacchaeus in Luke 19 your model for repentance as we pray for both conciliation and reconciliation for America’s 400 Year racial divide. 

Who needs to act? You; Majority white houses of faith; White-led houses of faith; White faith institutions; Southern Baptist Theological Seminary