Right to Lead?

US Conference of Mayors After serious discussion by the group, this document also serves to register our deep concern with your ability to lead the conference of Mayors, and Louisville, while our city [...]


#justiceforDavidMcatee Updated: July 24, 2020 Mr. Mayor... Disclose and discipline the person or persons responsible for deploying the National Guard to 26th and Broadway (Response to LMG, pg. 2).

Improve Eviction Mitigation

IMPROVE EVICTION MITIGATION Eviction is a threat for all renters financially impacted by COVID-19 layoffs, lockdowns, or even short-term illness. Evictions should not be a permanent housing barrier for families attempting to move [...]

Increase Rental Support

INCREASE RENTAL SUPPORT Across the landscape of housing in Louisville, it is clear that disinvestment, redlining, inequities, and ongoing reductions in funding for all aspects of affordable housing have caused sharp inequities. This [...]

Expand Mental Health Support

EXPAND MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT Pre-COVID, Black people in Louisville were already dealing with the stress and trauma of redlining, disinvestment, and over-policing. Post-COVID and in the midst of the killings of Breonna Tayor, [...]

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